Monique Malcomson – Reflexologist and Sports Massage Therapist


It started as a team building activity for work, I don’t think I would have ever given it a go
otherwise. After my 8 weekly sessions I would definitely recommend the mindfulness course
to anyone. Even if it is just the first course.
I found the individual sessions most helpful in diving deeper into myself and realising a few
hard truths about my reality. It started to make me think more about looking inwards and
checking in with myself, instead of just going along with life and what others wanted. It
started to make me realise my motivations of doing everyday things. I came to accept
myself more.
I became more aware that I numb my emotions to some extent. I struggled with the
emotion exercise in regards to describing them and where I felt these emotions. I was aware
before that I suppress these emotions and so when the final stressor is added, no matter
how small, I explode with emotion. And so I’d like my mindfulness journey to lead me to a
place where I can be more aware of the different emotions and not just have a big bundle of
My thoughts are generally mostly negative and harsh towards myself. The mindfulness
course helped me to realise to what extent the negativity was.
I am very hard on myself, although I thought I was too soft on myself before the course. I do
put myself second to others. But not necessarily in a self-less way but rather in a way to
protect myself from responsibility. I would also let other people’s opinions guide my own
decisions and so I know to try be more aware of this in my daily interactions.
I became more aware of subtle things in my friendships and other relationships. I learnt to
speak up more about what I liked and what I didn’t like. And subtly through the lockdown I
felt I became more in tuned with how I felt in my relationships with the people around me.
I will definitely recommend the course. I feel mindfulness will eventually lead to helping us
separate what is us and what is the environment. And how we converse between the two so
that we can live in a balanced state.

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