Carla Conradie – Singer & Air Hostess


I started mindfulness with Marie, as I had already done a lot of my own inner work through yoga and my desire for simplicity that led to mindfulness, which I did not realize at the time. Working with Marie was a great form of participating with another in this practice as she is a trained professional and her guidance gave me new tools to use that radically shaped my life. Marie really knows how to hold a safe space for discomfort within the body which was the main reason I enjoyed the course.


When I feel overwhelmed, I hear these words (of Marie) and slowly begin drawing my senses back to what is happening that automatically starts relaxing my fight-or-flight response.

I learnt self-compassion, I learnt how that is the guiding force for healthy change.

I will absolute recommend this course to somebody else –

I honestly cant imagine a life without mindfulness, I also believe that it can bring great calm to our nervous system especially as we live in quite a strange time in the global pandemic

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