Simóne Viljoen – Artist

This course was recommended to me by a trusted family friend. Before the course I was in a very fragile place, completely confused about how to proceed in life after having returned from abroad and needing to basically start over with my life back in South Africa.

During the period of the course, I not only found my inner calm and direction, but I could practically use the mindfulness techniques to deal with certain situations in a healthy, completely non-destructive manner, as opposed to how I had immediately dealt with issues in the recent past. I could effectively handle the stress of dealing with unfair employers before settling on the right job, as well as demanding landlords and break away from an unhealthy relationship.

Honestly this course has helped me pick myself up from a very broken place under a lot of financial pressure. I would wish anyone the opportunity to do the sessions with Marié, who is a very loving, transparent facilitator.


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