Step into the Mindfulness journey- Researched based

*8 weeks *individual MBSI  (Mindfulness Based Stress Intervention course – for individuals who loves their own space and journey in private (1-1.5hours per week)

Grow in the safety of the coaching with just me as your coach walking next to you.

Researched based sessions, enabling the brain to form new paths in a gentle way, You are growing towards a peaceful balanced life in all aspects with more awareness and focus.

I introduce the other perspective of looking at yourself which will start flowing from your own growth to your loved ones, co-workers, friends and all humans in due time. You learn in a compassionate way to be more aware and in tune with yourself and everything/everybody around you, moment by moment without any judgement.

The baseline of  the journey is no judgement, loving care, growing in awareness, finding your own path and navigating this path with skill and creativity though Life.

Learn to appreciate, survive and see every present moment, just as it is.

*1-1.5 hours per week. *Online and face to face.


Continue the Mindfulness Journey course

*Can only enroll after the Step into Mindfulness journey course

*Enroll per session, per week, per month or per year. We dig deep into the essence of your own growing awareness, the journey into the beginners’ mind and being still in discovering who you are in every moment, It leads into a growing awareness becoming more and more in tune with what is surfacing moment by moment,  being grounded, quiet, peaceful, focused, calm, non-judgmental and productive in every moment.


8 weeks group Mindfulness Based Stress Intervention group course. -Starting regularly as announced. Enquiry about the start of the next course

2.5 hours session per week x 8 weeks plus a full day still retreat.

Online: Enquire for the times and dates.

Face to face : Group courses started regularly in Helderberg, Somerset West and Stellenbosch



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