#Mindfulvision Marié Wilken 

My coaching vision is to lead mindfulness clients to find their own solutions through a true and honest journey.

To enable humans to have a snowball effect towards:





happy relationships and

less conflict.

My life:

Born in Cradock in 1958 and growing up in the Klein Karoo town of Oudtshoorn, South Africa, I had the privilege of experiencing everything a small town could offer a child. I would go playing in the surrounding rivers and dams, visited my grandparents on their nearby farm, rode with my bicycle to sports activities, swimming in the town communal pool with all the rest of the town kids, and being in a very much loved and safe home…….

until disaster strikes,

which was not imaginable in my environment.

I was not at all prepared for what happened or realizing how the disaster which was striking time after time influenced me. That is a story for another time, but let’s just say my struggle over long time emotionally and sometimes practically made me realize  there must be another way.

I knew that peace is possible, but how? 

And the search began which eventually after many turns led me to Mindfulness and I landed right where I belong

I started training again in different mindfulness schools,

obtaining different levels up to master’s level in the one course

Started with the world known Mindfulness researcher in his course on Mindfulness in schools.

Attending numerous workshops and virtual conferences on the topics like Mindfulness and Trauma, Mindfulness in Business, Mindfulness in Grief, Mindfulness in eating and transformational breathing in Mindfulness.

I am in the completion stage of the 2years post graduate certificates in Mindfulness Based Stress Intervention (MBSI) at the Stellenbosch  University offered by IMISA

I developed my own business in coaching clients, corporates, groups, online, and person in Mindfulness. Do not miss reading some of their testimonials on this website. 

I experienced many aspects of life and believe I packed in as much experience as I could. I met many people and saw many situations which look hopeless, and was always on the lookout for information on how to help in the  most effective way.

My clients influence others just by being on the journey where they really  belong, experiencing life in detail, without judgement in every moment with full awareness. 

I love to see that my clients take their experience in my courses into their own journey & their own way while I am walking beside them. To watch the shift in each and every one of my clients is a dream come true after years of being in a role of helper.

I realized that valuable help can only be given from a place of self-fulfilment
You cannot share what you do not have.

I am forever on this journey which I share as a coach  – the opening up of the real me in a world full of possibilities.


  • BA Hons degree
  • Higher Education diploma.
  • MPhil  at Stellenbosch University, South Africa,
  • 9 Diplomas in Health and Beauty Therapy (plus Reflexology and Aromatherapy) at Isa Carstens health and Wellness Academy, 
  • Attending a year course in Light/Jazz Music at Pretoria Technikon, 
  • Biblical counselling diploma through ABBA at RSA Technicon
  • Coaching course in  Vision Board workshops
  • Several formal courses, conferences and sessions in Mindfulness Based Stress Intervention, Mindfulness in Education , Mindfulness in Trauma, Mindfulness in Grief, Mindfulness in Leadership.
  • a 2yr Researched based Post graduate course (based on extended research) in Mindfulness Based Stress Intervention at the Medical Faculty of Stellenbosch University. The wonderful research done into the medical, physical, and emotional effect on clients and patients during Mindfulness trials, caused a huge growth and influence over the world.

Experience :

1-year intake at the South African Army Women’s College straight after Matric

Secondary school teacher at different schools

Health and Beauty Salon owner being also a reflexologist & aromatherapist

Administrative & Management positions at Municipalities and University, 

CEO Stellenbosch Hospice, 

Business owner of several businesses over the years.


Skills :

Teaching & training



System development for organizations


Organizational development

Marketing ^& growing of NGO


The amazing part of Mindfulness is that the journey of each individual is different, but in a sense in the same direction, which is opening up towards new possibilities. Each mindfulness coach shares who they are and where they are in their own journey and therefor you cannot assume that once you had a coach all Mindfulness coaches do the exactly the courses and coaching on the same baseline truthful template.   

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