Based on a short journey on how to be with yourself, allow yourself to find your own personal vision in the clutter of the world, influences and thoughts.

You walk away with a visually created Vision board for yourself and or your company.


Corporate short courses adapted as needed.

Aim. Introducing different ways to be with and look at life as it is in any present moment.

Results:  Employees learn to take ownership of their own:

  • Wellness,
  • production & role.
  • Employees are fulfilled where-ever they are in the present moment.
  • Shifts takes place in the following areas
  • Stress levels,
  • Tension between employees,
  • Focus and productivity,
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Personal & professional relationships
  • Self confidence
  • Romantic relationships
  • Parent-teen relationships

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